In 2018, Persaud worked with The Trace and The Miami Herald to launch While working with both news organizations, she researched the victims of the Parkland School Shooting and wrote two obituaries dedicated to the victims. Since then, SinceParkland.Org became an award-winning website, and was nominated for a Webby award alongside CNN and The Washington Post. 
Click on the image to view both pieces. 

Peter Dass and the road to Queens — How one Guyanese singer revitalized an ethnic enclave through love and music 
Persaud's photo essay of Peter Dass, a local Queens singer, that complements her piece published in the Queens Daily Eagle.
Click on the image to view the photo essay. 
The Makeup Wrap-Up
Persaud takes a look at the evolution of makeup from 2010-2020 through a multimedia project. 
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Electron Spin Resonance Dating 
Persaud co-authored an abstract and presentation on ESR dating, a scientific dating method used to calculate the ages of fossils. 
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